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Why business training?

Why should businesses conduct training? We have two main reasons for business training:

  • Government requirements or employment law or compliance required training
  • Business skills development or performance development training

Online business training has emerged as the key tool in creating a much more efficient and effective workforce and proves to be the true catalyst in improving business growth. The business training software provided by eLeaP encompasses wide range of features covering every aspect of business training management and is perfect for corporate education and e-learning. In this competitive business environment, the eLeaP business training software would prove to be the perfect solution for all your training worries.  Get the eLeaP business training software and reach for new heights of business success.

Employment law or compliance training includes sexual harassment training, OSHA training, Sarbanes Oxley or Bank regulations training etc. The reason to perform these kinds of business or corporate training is pretty straight forward.

Organizations that are faced with this requirement will typically engage professionals to conduct and document training records so that they can be produced in the even of litigation or some other request.

The second most common kind of business training is skills development or performance improvement improvement. This takes the format of new product training, leadership and succession planning and training, sales and marketing training and sometimes academic training. While most organizations commit funds and resources to this type of training, it is also quite easy to cut when times are tough.

In today’s hypercompetitive global marketplace, all organizations regardless of size or sophistication should really take a second look at buttressing the skills and performance training. How do you think successful organizations like Google, Apple, Motorola, Coca Cola etc continue to maintain their market dominance. Its because the place a premium on the quality of their people resource which means cutting edge training and e-learning programs.

The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) has traditionally recommended a minimum of 40 hours of business training a year for every employee. Business training is not only important for the growth of companies and organizations but also for their employees, customers and students. Employee training leads to growth and development in the careers and upload mobility of employees. Business training also acts as an effective employee retention strategy, as the inability to see any progress and development in their skill sets is one of the major reasons for employee attrition. Business training can be imparted externally, internally and online. Online training is the most inexpensive, easy and effective mode of training. Online business training programs also called learning management programs or learning management systems (LMS) are a powerful and quick way to create online business training and e-learning.