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Online Training in the Information Age

The pace of technological change, coupled with certain particular innovations, has meant that we now live in an information age, in which the pace of social change is considerably faster than at any other time in human history, and in which employment, the economy and the labour market evolve rapidly. Whereas once school leavers could expect to move straight into a company and then stay with them for the duration of their working life, times have changed rapidly in the global marketplace that exists now. The US Department of Labor estimates that the average school leaver ¬†today will have 10-14 jobs by the time that they’re 38 years-old.

In accordance with this, the Internet has opened up a world of opportunity to commerce, but also a world of competitiveness. Increasingly, workers in the traditionally predominant Western economies and nations find themselves having to compete directly with people in the so-called ‘developing economies, and consequently having to develop the sorts of skillsets that allow them do this. An oft quoted statistic with relation to this pace of social change is that the country with the largest number of English speaking people is not the United States, but China.

The rapidity of this technological development, which has particularly intensified in the last ten years, has had a direct and profound impact on the training industry. This impact has been twofold. Firstly, it has obviously had a big effect on the way that training can be delivered, with IT-based and online training courses becoming a practical reality. For example, the eLeaP system is entirely Internet-based meaning that trainees can access it any 24/7 wherever in the world they are. Secondly, the technological revolution has necessitated members of staff being increasingly comfortable with the technology that now forms a focal point of virtually every office in the world.

This has lead to a situation in which there is something of a knowledge gap between what many people need to know, and what they actually know. And as training increasingly morphs into an online activity, this actually creates a curate’s egg situation; namely that people don’t have the skills to use information technology, but need to use information technology in order to train themselves up!

This quandary is one that the eLeaP training system successfully addresses by its intent to be as user-friendly as possible, and its Internet-based nature. While other online training courses have reportedly caused problems for some of the more IT illiterate members of staff, eLeaP has received glowing praise for its ease of use and intuitiveness. This is an essential facet of any online training system, as each one must grapple with the conundrum of being easy for those that are not particularly familiar with IT to use, while delivering powerful functionality for those that are.

In a global marketplace which is increasingly competitive, training staff effectively becomes ever more important. Fortunately, the technology that has helped forge this revolution can also provide the tools to narrow your employees’ knowledge gap. Get the best reviews and recommendations for training software solutions from

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