What Leadership Skills Are Most Valuable?

There are many leadership skills that are essential to businesses and organizations, as well as to leaders themselves. The list is long, and it can be difficult to determine what are the most valuable. However, commitment, the ability to allocate and delegate, and confidence are certainly leadership skills everyone should strive for. Commitment Commitment is […]

Training ninja

So I am on a quest to turn everyday folks into training ninjas – no not the kind who disappear in a puff of smoke. I am talking about training ninjas who can turn everyday materials into great business training pieces. How you ask? Well first it starts with a little elbow grease – what […]

If business training or e-learning is so easy…

Open Letter To E-Learning/ Training Pros So the other day I was conducting a live demo of the eLeaP LMS tool and got a question that made me sit up and take notice. Many of us in the e-learning space throw out buzz words and ‘cool’ phrases which while useful in certain settings, are a […]

Announcing the Release of the Latest Version of the Popular eLeaP LMS Platform Making Online Training Even Easier

Telania | eLeaP, a Louisville KY based Learning Management Systems provider has released the latest version of the hugely popular eLeaP LMS Platform. While the competition is stuck with antiquated technologies and unwieldy software, eLeaP has just made online training a lot easier with advanced course management tools, smart menus for users and responsive reporting. […]

Why business training?

Why should businesses conduct training? We have two main reasons for business training: Government requirements or employment law or compliance required training Business skills development or performance development training Online business training has emerged as the key tool in creating a much more efficient and effective workforce and proves to be the true catalyst in […]